Health Saver Plus III

Health Saver Plus III 

  • No Referrals Needed
  • You can choose any doctor nationwide
  • Lifetime Maximum – $5,000,000 Per Policy
  • Guaranteed Renewable until Age 65
  • Calendar Year Deductible – Customize according to your budget.

$100  – $500 – $1,000 – $2,500 (*)

(*) The lower the deductible the higher the premium. The majority of our policyholders have chosen a Calendar Year Deductible of $2,500.

  • Maximum Covered Benefits – per covered person per calendar year:

$100,000 – $250,000 – $1,000,000(**)

** the higher the Maximum Covered Benefits the higher the premium. The majority of our policy holders have chosen Maximum Covered Benefits of $250,000 per covered person per calendar year.

Outpatient benefits – benefits paid on an outpatient basis only.  Unlike major medical policies a broad menu of services where our policyholders are treated in a physician’s office or and outpatient clinic, service charges are not subject to the Calendar Year Deductible they’ve chosen.  They pay only a $50 deductible per insured.

– Physician visit

– Radiology; X-ray; EKG; Labs and injections; Brand name and generic prescriptions; Emergency Room; and Urgent Care Center

  • Preventive Care Benefits; and, Daily Emergency Ambulance (both ground and air) are included in all policies.