Affordable quality healthcare is achievable if you have the basic knowledge and willingness to make informed decisions by discussing your treatment plan and costs with the healthcare professional of your choice.

Health Saver Plus III is the best alternative to major medical policies offered through the Marketplace.  We’ve combined the best rates and flexibility to meet your budget with all the flexibility an indemnity health plan offers. The Plus is our No Additional Cost Value-added services.  Access to the MultiPlan / PHCS PPO Network. The Plus III is the no cost state-of-the-art value-added benefits that provide You, your Spouse, Dependents, and Employees with peace-of-mind avoiding the rising costs of major medical plans.

Please see our Health Saver III tab on the menu,  and Value-added Services tab for more information.

The extract below is a small sampling of how our policyholders are comparing Health Saver Plus III premium rates, deductibles, and calendar year coverage to their existing policies and to the policies available through the Marketplace.

Savings are in the range of 30% to 60%.

Click Here (Health Saver Plus III sample premiums)