Do I Qualify?



NO – PRE-EXISTING CONDITION  – You do not qualify if a medical treatment was rendered or recommended by a Physician or for which drugs or medicine was prescribed within 12 months prior to a Covered Person’s Effective Date for certain medical conditions.

NO – EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS – Abortion except with respect to You or Your covered Dependent spouse where such person’s life would be in peril, if the fetus were carried to term or where medical complications have arisen from an abortion.  Pregnancy of a Dependent child, unless required by law.

YES –  All insurance companies have established underwriting criteria. Philadelphia American Life (PALIC) is no exception.  Other than what’s noted above You,  your Spouse and Children may qualify for an STD Rate, or a Rate Up from the STD – Tobacco User Rates (i.e. see the Premiums tab on the Menu).

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