Consider this…

We are an alternative to Obamacare – ever increasing premiums and deductibles exceeding your real estate taxes.

Hopefully, our website will prompt your feedback when you take the few minutes to complete one of our forms, or comment anonymously below.

We believe everyone can afford healthcare insurance with low premiums, and deductibles that fit your budget.

As independent insurance agents we are committed to Health Saver Plus III being the best option for:

  • Millions of taxpayers who are not covered in whole, in part, or extraordinarily under employer paid benefits plans that are not taxed. This is double-taxation for the self-employed, independent contractor, small business owner.
  • Millennials, and especially those turning the Age of 26 who were eligible as dependents.
  • Millions of individuals not covered at all.

This group includes:

  • Millions not eligible for government subsidy through the Marketplace as their income is above the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) scale from single to multiple dependents. Imagine your income is just above the FPL?
    • Cost of coverage, and being healthy has millions risking not having coverage. This group getting ill or having an accident strains hospital emergency room capability, which increases the cost of services performed.
    • It is the uninsured who don’t compensate doctors and hospitals, which raises the cost of services performed.
  • Spouses or dependents not covered as adding them to an employer-paid plan is cost prohibitive.
  • A spousal or family situation where due to our more rigid underwriting standards a spouse or dependent needs to stay on a MEC qualified plan. We’ve written policies where only one spouse qualifies.
  • Small businesses who are finding it impossible to cover themselves as proprietors, but also are concerned for their employees’ coverages.

Millions of healthy individuals chose the penalty, and the personal risk of not being covered for an accident or unexpected illness, over being mandated to pay premiums and meet deductibles and co-pays. This was the big-league miscalculation of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare.  We’re not here to make political statements other than to insist there’s no reason for anyone not to have healthcare insurance. And, the following opinion:

It’s true that our Health Saver Plus III plan isn’t for everyone.  Certain illnesses if being presently treated with prescription drugs may not meet the plan underwriting standard for pre-existing conditions.  Some conditions can be covered by a higher premium. The best rates are: Non-Tobacco User, then Standard Rate (many present illnesses qualify) –or,  a rate up from the Standard Rate of 15% is reason enough to answer, “Do I Qualify?”  on the Menu.

The individual mandate?

In short, President Trump singed an executive order. I believe it was his first, or shortly after taking office.

Acting as CEO of the Executive Branch he instructed the agencies – specifically the I R S to ignore returns that skipped the question regarding healthcare insurance coverage for 2016 returns, surely 2017 returns even if Congress fails to eliminate the individual mandate in passing tax reform.

While not everyone qualifies for Health Saver Plus III, we do have policyholders who are saving enough in premium that if they were required to pay the mandated individual penalty they are still saving 15% – 20%.  On average, and excluding any I R S penalty – our policyholders are saving 30% to 60% on premium without sacrificing quality healthcare coast-to-coast, as our policy holders can choose any doctor or hospital – no referrals needed – nationwide.

Understanding the attached Brochure – HSPIII.      We welcome an opportunity to meet at your convenience where we can directly answer your questions, and to establish a relationship with you. Surely, we can conduct business over the phone, and then meet any time after, an option for many of our subscribers.

Brochure HSPIII