Brochure – HSPIII

We see the Health Saver Plus III plan as an impressive indemnity plan. Why?

Lifetime Maximum – $5,000,000 Per Policy, and

Choice of Benefit Units, and

Choice of Calendar Year Deductibles

Policy holders have a choice of One, Two or three Benefit Units.   At the maximum units  – 3 Benefit Units – selected by the policy holder (our recommendation) the plan pays service providers what they would expect from most major medical plans.

  • Policyholders can choose their Calendar Year Deductible. We recommend $2,500.
  • Policyholders can choose their Maximum Covered Benefits per Covered Person Per Calendar Year. We recommend $250,000.
  • Access to MultiPlan / PHCS and ScriptSave
  • The other no cost value-added services.

We encourage you to compare to your present coverage.

In addition to policyholder choices noted above additional  factors will determine your premium level.  Additional factors:

  • Tobacco user rates are higher
  • Certain illnesses may be rated higher.
  • Certain illnesses and medical conditions may disqualify your application.

All the above as well as your Age determine premium.

In-hospital Benefits

  • Hospital Indemnity Benefits – these are the facility fees – hospital charges.
  • Professional Services – these are the services performed by doctors, specialists, and their assistants while you are confined in a Hospital; Hospital ICU; or, Rehabilitative facility

It’s a fact that long before Obamacare, people stopped looking at their doctor and hospital bills. The days of house calls may be long over, but a fee-for-service arrangement between themselves and their patients is once again gaining appeal.  (insert video)

Please, do your homework. At the 3 BENEFITS UNITS – compare the schedule to what your major medical plan would pay for the same service.

Practitioner’s office of a clinic Benefits.

What services are subject to your major medical plan deductible?  Health Saver Plus III outpatient benefits are not subject to the deductible (again, we recommend $2,500) for Hospital Indemnity Benefits or Professional Services. For the services described there is only a $50 deductible, and this will be waived for the first three visits.  The limit is 20 visits per year.

Also, on a purely preventive care basis there is one visit per year where the policy pays $125 that is not subject to a deductible.

The Daily Emergency Ambulance Indemnity Benefit is a good feature.

Note: at the 3 BENEFIT UNITS the policy pays $80 for an office visit or clinic visit – as an outpatient to the practitioner of your choice.

That concludes the indemnity health plan aspect that standing alone would be better than most. The No Cost Value-added Services is what makes Health Saver Plus III unique.

Our participation in the MultiPlan / PHCS network as an option for our policyholders provides benefits over a traditional indemnity health plan:

  • The 900,000 participating practitioners and facilities are contracted to accept the network schedule of payments.
  • The fact you can choose any doctor or hospital the network access travels with you nationwide. Think of it as eliminating the hassle of out-of-network services.

ScriptSave is not a co-pay arrangement between insurance carriers, and chain or independent pharmacies. It is a contact with 96,000 pharmacies nationwide to fill prescriptions at agreed to prices.  Whether or not you are interested in becoming a policy holder check out ScriptSave on the No Cost Value-added Services page. Type in your zip and a ‘script (name of a prescribed medication) you’ll be amazed at the price differences just in your zip code.

Your indemnity benefit is $15 for Generic Prescriptions; and, $30 for Brand Name Prescription.s  Click through to  ScriptSave , use our Group Number:  2242 .  Find the medication and the best price near you.  Subtract your indemnity payment of $15 or $30, and that is the net cost of your prescription.

The other value-added takes a twist on preventive healthcare in our opinion. Teledoc and Karis 360 can resolve many medical concerns over the phone, in video conference, or the App on your smartphone.

While no substitute for a meeting with you, we hope this explanation eliminates trying to follow the brochure you may have seen or been given without explanation.

Thank you!

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