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  • Dental Insurance – many Health Saver Plus III policyholders have added this coverage.   A unique “hybrid” dental plan that combines traditional dental coverage with PPO discounts. A new breed of dental plans that covers the services you want at a price you can afford.  Special features include:

Brochure      Please Note:  Dental Insurance is not written as a stand-alone policy.  You must be a Health Saver Plus III policyholder.

  • GAP Insurance  – if you do not qualify, or for any other reason you’re not interested in Health Saver Plus III, this product may be of interest to you. It makes your current Health Insurance more affordable.

    As health care costs continue to increase, many individuals and businesses are moving towards high-deductibles and increased co-insurance on major medical plans in an effort to reduce costs. While this approach reduces the cost of your health insurance, it puts you at greater financial risk. In fact, more than six in 10 adults who say they have problems paying their medical bills are covered by health insurance. Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company’s GAP plan helps bridge gaps in the coverage that exist in your current insurance plan by reducing or even eliminating the out-of-pocket expenses associated with hospital and doctor’s bills. The plan pays a portion of the difference in what your medical plan would pay and what you or a covered family member would owe.

    Benefits are limited to the deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance amounts that you or each of your covered family members are required to pay under your Primary Medical Insurance and include.

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance – As you know that Medicare does not pay for all of your medical expenses. There are gaps in Medicare’s coverage that can cause severe financial strain if you are not protected.

    To read the Official Government Guide from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid click on the link below.

2016 Choosing a Medigap Policy   – A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare

  • 24 Hour Accident – Philadelphia American Life provides a variety of 24 Hour Accident options to help protect your financial resources.

    An accident can wreak havoc on your savings if you’re not prepared. Our 24 Hour Accident Expense Plan helps cover medical expenses and living costs when you get hurt unexpectedly. Benefits are also paid for Accidental Death, Ground or Air Ambulance, Daily Hospital Income and Dismemberment. An Optional Accident Disability Benefit Rider is available up to $2,000 per month.

  • Crisis Recovery – Critical Illness Insurance Plan 

    Critical Illness Insurance is designed to ease the financial pressure by providing a lump sum cash benefit paid directly to you upon diagnosis of a covered illness to help you cope with the high cost of recovering from a critical illness crisis. The plan will provide up to $50,000 to help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and the other costs associated with a covered critical illness.

    Thanks to medical advances, more and more Americans are surviving critical illness crises such as cancer, strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. We all realize that many individuals who have been diagnosed with what at one time were considered fatal illnesses are now overcoming the odds and surviving.

  • Final Expense Life Insurance – We all want the best for our loved ones.  With the cost of funerals today, one of the best gifts you can give them is freedom from financial worry.  New Era’s Platinum Series Whole Life Insurance relieves your family of the financial burden of your final arrangements and outstanding obligations.

  • Annuities – If you are a financially conservative senior (or a person approaching the retirement age), if you want conservative investment with attractive guaranteed interest rates, and if you want flexibility and liquidity on the current income, then our single premium deferred annuity with high guaranteed interest rates and short period of surrender penalty will be one of the ideal investment vehicles for you.

We will gladly speak with you regarding any and all of the products listed above.  Please see our Contact Us tab on the Menu.