Freedom Of Choice

Are you one of millions of Americans who does not enjoy employer-paid, tax-free health insurance benefits?  Are you one of millions of Americans who does not qualify for a premium tax credit if you have, or plan to purchase health insurance through the  Marketplace  ? Are you a sole proprietor, or otherwise a small business owner looking for healthcare insurance for you, your family, and employees?

Have you reached the Age of 26, and no longer covered under a parent’s plan? Have you explored your options ?

HEALTH SAVER PLUS III is a viable and proven alternative to purchasing healthcare coverage through the Marketplace, if you know you are not qualified for a subsidy, you are presently uninsured, or you are contemplating taking the risk of not being covered at all.  Please browse our website, and submit a Preliminary Quote. You, your spouse,  children, and employees may qualify for 30% – 60% savings on premiums, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses.